400+ SoCal GPS Fishing Spots Map

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GPS On Google Maps

The first map is in Google, and contains all GPS information for every spot. From Google Maps you can also export to a KML FILE for easy import to your GPS system, such as Garmin and others.

Excel, or Google Sheets

The second set of spots is included in a Microsoft XL format, or in Google Sheets format, which ever you prefer. You can import this into most modern GPS receivers. Its also a handy printed list!

Export to your GPS

The Online Google Map can be exported to a KML or KMZ file with full data export, or online self updating, which ever you prefer. You can also turn on and off bottom terrain as well!

Due to popular demand, we have decided to sell to the general pubic a digital copy of our huge list of fishing spots covering all the best spots in Southern California down into Baja Mexico, as well as the outer banks, and the islands.

To see the exact content of what you are purchasing, go here and have a look.

This digital map series includes the following items:

Google Map File

Google Map File that allows you to see all spots on your Google Maps. This requires a Google account. This will allow you to pull the map up on your phone or computer, IN Google Maps, as well as share spots with your friends through the Google share system.


Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets Files X 3. Bonus spots! This GPS LIST will be split up by range from San Diego with distance to harbor mouth.

KML or KMZ file

For direct export to your marine GPS. We do not provide tech support on this, I am sorry.


Online Featured Spots web page. Every month we do a complete write up on some of our favorite spots. The list is getting longer. Each year we also update the pages for spots we have already featured.


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