Catalina Island

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Catalina Island and the under water sea mounts that surround it have long been known to be a top producer of Tuna, Dorado, and White Seabass on the backside! The island provides deep ocean bottom structure and the island bottom topography attract fish from all directions. The great thing about Catalina Island, is that there is good fishing there almost year round.

To get there, you need to get a full day trip on one of our smaller faster four pack boats, or get at least an overnight trip on one of our six pack sport fishers. Its a bit of a long ride so make your self comfortable. It will be all worth it when you get there and see how good the fishing is!

The scenary is not something y ou will soon forget, and remember, we will fishthe whole way there and the whole way back.



Arguably the best fighting fish for its weight, and they can get up to 300 pounds each!

Although smaller than the Bluefin, this ferocious fish puts up a fight you will not soon forget.

Not technically a tuna, but in the same weight class, it is known for the best tasting sashimi on earth.

The colorful skin of this fish is iridescent! It is also known for its high flying antics.

White Sea Bass thrive at Catalina Island

Catalina is the home to the best white sea bass fisher in Socal. We can take you there to specifically target this difficult species.

Growing quite large, a 40 pound White Sea Bass
will kick your... well... you know.