Outer Banks

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The Outer Banks is highlighted in yellow on the above map. Your best options for this trip type is the 24 Overnight trip, or the Multi-day trip.

The Outer Banks is a bit of a ride, but if you want the bluefin and the big yellowfin, this will be your destination! During the summer, US waters are brimming with Tuna, and the pre-season and post-season, the Tuna bite in Mexican waters arrives a month early and stays a month after the Tuna have stopped biting in California. When you go on one of our overnight trips, you will be fed well, and have VIP sleeping arrangements. Not like a party boat at all. The beds are much bigger on our boats, the food is much better, and you have a private bathroom with a shower!

Find below our GPS MAP of the OUTER BANKS with all of the spots we like to go.

San Diego Tuna Fishing GPS Map - Outer Banks



Arguably the best fighting fish for its weight, and they can get up to 300 pounds each!

Although smaller than the Bluefin, this ferocious fish puts up a fight you will not soon forget.

Not technically a tuna, but in the same weight class, it is known for the best tasting sashimi on earth.

The colorful skin of this fish is iridescent! It is also known for its high flying antics.