Fall Winter 2022-2023
Catch & Cook Special


8 hr Mexico deep water rockfish trips.We prepare part of the customers catch on the spot for fresh as it gets fish tacos.

$1500 for up to six passengers

Includes everything except fishing license and alcoholic beverages. BYOB

Guaranteed to catch fish or your money back.

Limited Load Six Pack

Six Passengers Maximum
Personal attention to you!

Catch, Clean, Cook, Eat

Crew will fillet and cook your fish on the way home. Chips and Salsa too!

Rod Rentals Included

Top of the line rods and reels are provided, along with terminal tackle.

Novice & Kids Welcome

All you have to do is call or text us at 619.508.7823


There are many, many species of Rockfish including Vermillion Rockfish, Goldeneye Rockfish, Blue Rockfish, Quillback Rockfish, China Rockfish, etc.

Rockfish are a great fish to get kids started on fishing because they are not usually very difficult to catch. If targeting Rockfish in deep water or in the heavy current you may need to use a lot of weight, which will necessitate heavier gear.

It is much more fun, in my opinion, to target these in the shallows when possible, although often the bigger ones are found deep. Braided line is a must because its low-stretch qualities allow you to feel the bite even in deep water and make a good hookset.

Generally speaking, the Captain has his favorite honey holes and he will pull up, find it on the sonar, and hover just over it. Drop your weighted hooks with live bait and/or squid right on top of them. Many times you will be pulling up two fish at a time.

They make the best Mexican style fish tacos that can be had. On the way back from fishing, your crew will clean and cook a few of your fish and serve it to you pipping hot. Take my advice and watch how he does it, he wont mind if you steal the recipe.

Everyone is sure to have a good time.


One of the uglier fish I know of, and sometimes the meat is blue, no really, I am not kidding. However, it is a very good eating fish. Did I mention that they have a wicket set of teeth. They basically sit at the bottom and eat whatever is unfortunate enough to swim by.

Ling Cod are the bottom lurkers you're looking for, they put up a decent fight, and they come in only one variety, mean.


Halibut are ambush fish, hiding out on the sandy bottoms of SoCal waiting for their next meal to swim by. Keeper Halibut are 22' and over and one fish can make dinner for six. Often recognized as one of the flakiest, and tastiest fish of the sea, you will also enjoy the fight these flatfish can provide. They reach a max weight of around 50lbs!

Normally, they are caught strait off the bottom on the drift. Ask one of our deckhands to tie you up a Halibut rig. On occasion though, Halibut have been known to come off the bottom and chase their food down. Pictured to the left, is a Halibut that bite iron about halfway up.

You will definitely have a good time chasing this Pacific bottom fish.


Barred sand bass

Spotted sand bass

Kelp bass (also known as calico bass)

White seabass

Redtail surfperch

Barred surfperch

Calico surfperch

Striped seaperch

Rock greenling

California scorpionfish (also known as sculpin)


Ocean whitefish

California corbina

California halibut

Pacific halibut

California sheephead